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Dry clean or Steam Clean your Carpets



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Curtain cleaners, Curtain Cleaning where curtains hang. Over 10 years curtain cleaning experience. Curtain cleaners guarantee NO shrinkage or Damage.

Carpet Cleaners using the dry method of carpet cleaning.

Curtain Cleaners - Clean Curtains where they hang. All curtain cleaning done where the curtains are.

Pre Occupation Cleaners - Full service cleaning & sanitising kitchen, bathrooms, floors, walls, cupboards, windows etc.

Hygiene solutions long experience in cleaning curtains, carpets, upholstery & mattresses will ensure that you receive a good result leaving you with clean and hygienic softs.



Carpet Cleaners

Fact – Carpets act as large filters for dust, skin flakes, hair etc.  Not cleaning carpets results in a clogged filter!


Double the life of your carpets!!  That’s right with regular dry cleaning you will at least double the life of your carpets.  Let us carry out a full cost saving analysis for you.


Hygiene Solutions has researched its technology worldwide. The solutions provided are extremely effective and the efficiency with which they are delivered ensures that our customers receive a cleaning experience that offers very little disruption.

We thus offer a one- stop cleansing service for all soft surfaces, on a coordinated basis, and at suitable and convenient times. 

Curtain Cleaners

Carpet Cleaners



Carpet Cleaners
& Flood Recovery

Do you choose not to clean your carpets because of the hassle - try dry cleaning.
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Curtain Cleaning
Where they hang

Cleaning Curtains - what a nightmare, dry clean them where they hang!
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Mattress Cleaners

Carpet Cleaners, Carpet Cleaning

Waking up feeling awful, there is a good chance its you mattress.
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Upholstery Cleaning

Dry clean your upholstery and ensure that you have no down time - no drying time!
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Hygiene Solutions are Carpet Cleaners, Curtain Cleaners, Carpet Cleaning, Cleaners

Pre & Post
Occupation Cleaning

Pre Occupation Cleaning

Full service cleaning & sanitising kitchen, bathrooms, floors, walls, cupboards, windows, carpets etc.


Window Cleaning Service

The answer to all your exterior and interior window maintenance.We provide residential and commercial window cleaning

Building Maintenance



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Carpet cleaners that offer carpet cleaning that is dry immediately where carpets can be used straight away.

Curtain Cleaners offering curtain cleaning where the curtains hang. Curtain cleaning where the curtains stay where they are.

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