About Us

The Hygiene Solutions name has been in existence since 2004,  when the Hygiene Supplies partnership was formed providing janitorial supplies. Hygiene Solutions was incorporated to provide an extensive range of washroom, waste and disposal services.


In this increasingly globalised economic market and with the cut throat competition in the market place, we have to continue to adapt to the fast pace of change if we want to survive. At the same time, we will not compromise our environmentally-friendly principals regarding the products and services we provide.


Being one of the country's leading washroom service specialists, Hygiene Solutions has strived since its conception to develop and revolutionise the janitorial and washroom services market. This endeavour is illustrated by the ever-popular demand for our products.


The product and service range from Hygiene Solutions  includes all types of supplies as well as disposal of waste including all aspects of washroom upkeep.


Hygiene Solutions has considerable experience supplying customers from all occupations and offers a  wide range of goods and services to meet every need.   Our customer base includes the tourist and catering industries, professional services, corporate bodies, local authority,  as well as the general public.


Along with a long-serving dedicated and experienced workforce, Hygiene Solutions continues to put customers’ needs first and prides itself on providing excellent customer service.


Whatever aspect of business you are engaged in, you will find Hygiene Solutions offers quality products at competitive prices.  Holding large stocks, we can offer a prompt service for most items and services.

This is backed up by extensive knowledge of the trade to source items not held in stock.


Constant scrutiny of the market enables us to consider the needs of our customers, who face ever increasing trading regulations.